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Writing Offerings...

Copywriting is something I've done for years.


Working on committees for Sacramento State, Sacramento Valley Chorus, & Verge Center for the Arts, & also in my own business (social media, websites, blog, fliers, artist statements, & much more), I always end up writing, & editing copy. 

Now, I'd like to offer my Creative Copywriting skills to a wider audience.


My strength is taking a subject, object, inspiration, concept, event, or whatever it is, & describing it in a creative, yet succinct way. 

Copywriting & Copyediting Offerings:

$60. for an hour (hour minimum)

$100. if the job goes into a second hour

Do you need to describe your artwork, but you're not quite sure how? Do you need to create a flier for an upcoming event? Do you have copy written, but you need a second set of eyes on it? Do you have a script to write for an upcoming event?

I can capture your voice & express it in a creative & exciting way!

Reach out to & let me help you reach your writing goals. 

1- Email & Consultation

2- Pay Fee

3- Copy is Written 

4- Adjust anything for Final Copy

Write It Out Michelle Cordova
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